Since 1984, CAG Truck Capital has provided dealers with financing solutions that help truck dealers and their customers. CAG Truck Capital helps families get their truck, get to work, and contributing to the economy of the United States of America.

CAG Truck Capital is an equity and collateral based lender. Our success results from years of trucking and portfolio industry experience. We have passion for hard work and doing things right, never jeopardizing the assets or the integrity of our stakeholders. We listen to and verify the customer story and arrange financing solutions that help truck dealers deliver more trucks. We have been here since 1984 and are still here doing what we do best, delivering trucks, making dreams happen, while protecting all stakeholders along the way.

Partner With CAG

With CAG Truck Capital on your team, you are guaranteed to increase truck sales. Our same day loan process enables CAG to email or fax loan documents to immediately close your hot deal. Since we offer same day wire funding, there is no waiting for your money.